Scottish employers set for recruitment spree…

Scottish employers are predicting a busy three months, according to the latest Employment Outlook Survey by recruitment company Manpower UK. They scored a net employment outlook (NEO) – the total number of employers looking to recruit, minus those expecting to cut jobs – of 27%, resulting in a seasonally adjusted figure of 21% (down 5% on a year ago).

No Scottish organisations are planning cutbacks between now and September, and more than a quarter are planning to recruit additional employees, the survey of 2,100 UK employers showed.

The survey also predicts a positive recruitment forecast for the North East, with a seasonally adjusted NEO of 25%, which has jumped from 9% in 2005.

The London recruitment market remained fairly stable, with a seasonally adjusted NEO of 13% (up 3% on 2005), while employers in Wales also remained cautiously optimistic with an NEO of 16% (down from 18% a year ago).

Companies in the West Midlands, however, did not fare well, with a seasonally adjusted NEO of 8% (down from 12%).

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