Scottish workers spend over a year of lifetime in meetings

New research has shown that Scottish business people spend an average of a year and a half of their working lives in meetings – with a massive 69% of those surveyed admitting that the majority of meetings are pointless and have no real outcome.

The survey, carried out on behalf of the GO Group, looked at business practices and showed that workers are wasting increasing time in pointless meetings.

Liz Metin, deputy director of Learning and Development at one of Scotland’s largest business support organisations, The GO Group, said: “As the research shows, business owners are spending more time in meetings than ever before. It’s a real sticking point for a large majority of Scottish businesses who feel that their time could be better spent, particularly with the way our economy is at the moment.”

The GO Group has introduced a series of three hour workshops designed to help people work more effectively. This includes Magic Meetings, a workshop that teaches participants how to set up and lead fast, focused meetings that deliver results.

Metin added: “A substantial amount of research has shown that most business meetings fail to meet their objective. Meaningless meetings steal time, drain energy, slow progress and lower morale. Our workshop will show participants how to keep meetings on track, avoid timewasters and get results – which is particularly important during these difficult economic times.”

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