Search for talent is top issue facing HR directors

HR directors say competition for talent is the main issue they face in their
roles. In a survey of 5,000 directors, 90 per cent say talent is a priority in
their organisation.

The Impact Talent Survey finds that 72 per cent believe companies lose
business by not having the right people in place.

Respondents believe the main benefits of having talent in the organisation
are an increase in competitive advantage (34 per cent), profitability (24 per
cent), and productivity (23 per cent).

In all, 35 per cent said the main resourcing problem they face is
competition for talent, followed by 26 per cent who are troubled by financial

The survey also finds 74 per cent of respondents believe it is more
difficult to attract staff now than five years ago. Only 9 per cent thought it
was easier. Seven out of 10 respondents said it was also more difficult to
retain staff.

David Williams, founder and managing director of Impact Development Training
Group, said: "The search for talent is a key issue affecting British
business and it is time that UK companies recognised the need to invest in
talent throughout the organisation."

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