Send out the clowns for bringing HR into disrepute

 I read, with mounting horror, your Have a Rant article (Personnel Today, 2 May), where a woman recounted her experiences when applying for an HR job. What kind of clowns are in control at the companies she attended for interview?

The examples she states were those of impertinence, discrimination and rudeness. Even worse, why was it necessary for her to attend nine interviews for one position? Could those responsible for such a waste of time not make decisions, or were they suffering from delusions of inadequacy?

I have always preferred the term ‘personnel manager’ to ‘HR manager’, since I once jokingly observed that if there was a human resources department, did this imply there was an inhuman resources department? Having read the rant, perhaps I wasn’t joking.

In our company, we make our minds up quickly, and we have very few subsequent failures. We seldom have second interviews, unless it is for a very senior position, or if we want the prospective candidate to spend time with future colleagues to get a less formal insight into the job.

We have been complimented on our friendly, but firm, techniques, even occasionally by those who were subsequently unsuccessful. This is basic common sense. Show respect, even if the candidate is not your ideal, and treat them as you would wish to be treated.

If any of the clowns are reading this, I have one further piece of advice: go back to your drawing board, or go away. You are bringing our profession into disrepute.

J E Roth, HR professional

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