Senior executives struggling to manage their workloads according to Chartered Management Institute survey

Senior executives have admitted they are struggling to manage workloads because of conflicting and ever-increasing demands, new research has revealed.

Key findings from a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) survey of 1,175 individuals, published yesterday, show that despite high levels of determination, they are concerned about their ability to deliver results.

Survey results revealed:

  • 84% grapple with the challenge of prioritising work
  • 71% admit that finishing tasks is a battle
  • 63% claim to have little time to think
  • 53% say they struggle to find time for strategic planning
  • 50% find it easy to make time for their staff
  • 44% are diverted from work by internal politics.

Jo Causon, corporate affairs director at the CMI, said: “In the current climate, prioritising a multitude of responsibilities and tasks at work is a real challenge for managers. Organisations need to provide a supportive and open environment so individuals can dedicate time to developing fresh ideas for the future of the business.

“The lack of professional training and development is also a concern. If UK employers fail to invest in the skills and competencies of individuals, there will be a serious impact on how well the UK performs on a global market in the future.”

On a positive note, the survey shows that UK managers are determined to succeed. Eighty-three per cent can’t wait to get up in the morning, and 75% claim they find it easy to keep positive.

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