Service sector jobs fare best in economy

UK economy has created 67,000 workforce jobs in the last year, according to a
Government report.

Market Statistics June 2002 is compiled from a range of sources such as the ONS
Labour Force Survey and national industrial output data. It shows that in the
12 months from March 2001 the number of jobs in the UK increased to 29.52

the areas involved in the survey, the service sector fared best, with 164,000
jobs created over the year. However, the same number of jobs was lost from the
production industry.

agriculture and construction sectors had a significant increase of 67,000 jobs,
the survey shows.

the working age employment rate was 74.6 per cent in February to April 2002 – a
decrease of 0.2 points on a year earlier.

employment level was 28.47 million in April 2002, up 184,000 on a year earlier.

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