Sir Gus O’Donnell adds three more departments to capability review roster

Cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell has announced a further three departments are to undergo capability reviews

The Crown Prosecution Service, Department of Health and the Department for Transport will all undergo scrutiny.

The reviews will consider capability in three key areas – leadership, strategy and delivery. Each review aims to identify where departments need to improve and will include key actions to address areas of concern.

O’Donnell said: “We are well under way with the capability review programme now, showing our determination and how we remain on track to develop a world class Civil Service for the 21st century.”

The Cabinet Office has already published the findings of seven departmental reviews.

“As well as recognising the areas where departments do well, these reviews demonstrate where we need to improve and the [first seven] departments are now implementing challenging plans to address these issues,” O’Donnell added.

The review teams have been drawn from the private sector, the wider public sector and board-level members of other government departments.

The findings of the three latest reviews will be published in summer 2007.


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