Skill-Pill Mobile Learning aims to deliver bite-sized training through mobile devices

You’d better watch out – there’s a skill pill about.

At least that’s what Skill-Pill Mobile Learning (SPML) director Gerry Griffin is hoping for. He is the founder and director of the Covent Garden-based company that plans to bring short, sharp, video-style training and presentation clips to mobile devices as and when users need them. The two-minute clips have been dubbed ‘skills pills’.

He said the clips can be delivered to any mobile device that can receive and play videos, such as mobile phones, video iPods, and BlackBerries.

“For example, they could be used to deliver a new product specification for a sales pitch, or a new briefing from senior management,” said Griffin.

Some content will come from major European business publisher Pearson Education. SPML has struck a deal that gives it access to Pearson’s catalogue of titles, which include leadership and management works. “This link gives us a critical mass of content to offer skill pill clients a vast range of business materials,” said Griffin.

SPML’s first deal is with US-based pharmaceutical company Amgen, though Griffin said he could reveal no more than that. Each two-minute clip costs about £2,000 to make. Skill pill clients would be charged from £15,000 for 12 pieces of content.

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