Small businesses management tackles recession, BIS study finds

Switching staff job roles, adjusting working hours and investing in additional employee training are just some of the ways that the UK’s small businesses have strengthened their positions during the downturn, a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) study has reported.

The study of more than 500 small business owners found that over 60% of respondents had made workforce-related changes to cope with the economic crisis.

Over a quarter (26%) of small businesses adjusted working hours, and 15% recruited new employees.

Lord Young, minister for employment relations, said of the findings: “As businesses look for creative solutions to bolster their offering, specifically to their workforce and staff roles, it’s encouraging to see they are eager to manage the changes themselves.”

Just under one-fifth (19%) took steps to adjust staff roles, while one-third (33%) reported an increase in investment in training, motivation or staff rewards.

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