Small is beautiful for UK workforce

who work for smaller organisations are likely to be happier than those who work
for big ones, according to a new study by Personnel
and HR consultancy Chiumento.

Staff in organisations employing fewer than 500
people tend
to feel more involved and enjoy being big fish in a
little pond, according to the survey, Get

survey of more than 400 HR managers found that if organisations want to keep
employees engaged, they must boast good internal communications.

Arnold, Chiumento’s
strategic consulting director, said: "The perception is that large
organisations have the resources to put into HR, engagement and motivation and
should, therefore, be better at it. What’s astonishing is that smaller
employers, who often lack this resource, appear better at motivating their

skilled line managers were seen by respondents as the biggest obstacle to
improving how staff feel in big organisations – a
situation often made worse by a lack of interest in the problem.

said: "Big employers need to take a leaf from their smaller cousins and
start putting their staff first."


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