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Personnel Today Smart BuyerWelcome to our Smart Buyer guide on management training, providing the latest top tips, case studies and expert guidance.

Many employees join the management ranks through longevity – perhaps by outlasting more ambitious workers who have left the organisation to seek challenges elsewhere.

Technical brilliance is no guarantee of management ability, so training managers is paramount. Our Smart Buyer guide takes you through the process…

Management training

Management training overview
Management training boils down to best practice in managing people, functions and processes.

Supplier selection
Ten tips for initial supplier selection.

The course – delegates and content
It’s important you select the right delegates for management training. Pick the wrong people and you will have wasted the company’s money and the delegates’ time – as well as creating resentment.

The cost
We discuss what you should expect to be paying for your training.

A question of evidence: behaviour-based interviews (VIDEO)
Scott Bradbury outlines its behaviour-based interviews content.

Making appraisals work
Appraisals can be a tedious part of the organisation’s bureaucracy or they can be a powerful tool to help the organisation succeed.

Smart Buyer is brought to you in association with leading management training providers…

Scott Bradbury

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