Smoking ban in Scotland receives widespread public approval

The vast majority of people in Scotland support a law to make enclosed public places smoke-free, according to the results of a consultation by the Scottish Executive.

Eight out of 10 respondents said that smoking should be banned in public places, such as bars and pubs.

Last month, the Scottish Executive indicated it would legislate to stop smoking in public places.

Dr Peter Terry, chairman of the Scottish British Medical Association, said: “The hospitality industry must now work with the Scottish Executive and health organisations to ensure that the best and most effective legislation is passed to protect staff and customers from harmful second-hand smoke in enclosed public places.”

However, companies in the hospitality industry in Scotland are taking legal advice on the announcement by the Scottish Executive that smoking is to be banned in all workplaces.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association claims the plans will decimate the industry and will lead to the loss of 30,000 jobs.

Association chief executive Paul Waterson said the licensed trade will “pursue every avenue to ensure that its interests are upheld”.

The ban will come into force in 2006 and employers could face fines up £2,500 if they do not comply.


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