Smoking tops stress-relief table

Smoking is the most common way of coping with work-related stress, a survey has revealed.

The poll by online recruitment site Monster found 32% of the 2,000 workers surveyed smoked cigarettes to alleviate stress.

More positively, 31% of workers have found healthier alternatives to manage stress, such as exercising and meditation. A further 20% of workers polled found that retail therapy is a good way to deal with the issue.

“Feeling stressed in the workplace is more commonplace, and it’s becoming increasingly important to minimise the source of the stress in the long term,” said Alan Townsend, chief operating officer at Monster UK & Ireland.

“With so many Britons struggling to maintain a work-life balance, it is no wonder that when stress arises we turn to quick-fix solutions. Alternatives like exercise, getting a proper night’s sleep and improving work-life balance are all key ways of controlling work-related stress.

“If people feel that they’re in control of their work, this can have a dramatic and positive effect on their stress levels.”

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