Staff more sceptical the longer they stay

than 40 per cent of British employees trust management to communicate honestly,
with that level of trust declining the longer individuals stay in a job.

figures show that only half of the UK workforce feels there is enough contact
between staff and management and just four in 10 believe managers make enough
effort to find out how workers feel.

senior managers have doubts, with just under half feeling they can trust
management communication.

Mercer survey of 3,500 workers shows that trust declines the longer employees
remain in a job. More than 52 per cent of staff with less than two years’
experience trust management communication but this figure plummets to 32 per
cent among staff serving for over 15 years.

well communicated company values, only 52 per cent think the values provide
clear direction for employees while only 44 per cent believe management
behaviour is consistent with these values.

the situation is more positive at a local level with 66 per cent of staff
feeling free to express their views and engage in two-way communication with

By Ross Wigham

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