Stress is more of a problem than ever before

than 80 per cent of employers feel under more stress then ever before,
according to a new study.

survey of more than 800 managing directors also shows that nine out of 10 are
actively looking at ways of reducing stress in the workplace.

similar proportion monitor their workforces regularly to ensure stress levels
don’t increase.

Done, managing director of Peninsula, which carried out the research, said the
findings show that employers recognise the dangers of stress at work.

said: “Stress is one of the biggest barriers to businesses, according to many
employers that we have spoken to. Although employers themselves say they are
stressed, they are making more of an effort to ensure that their workplaces are

compensation claims at tribunals for stress in the workplace have brought home
to employers that they must seek to prevent stress within the workplace.”

survey also reveals that 73 per cent of employers had encountered problems with
workers taking time off because of stress.

By Ben Willmott

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