Stress management tops 2009 resolutions for senior managers

The number one new year’s resolution for senior managers in 2009 is to manage their stress better, according to a survey from training specialist Video Arts.

The survey, which questioned 1,000 employees in UK organisations, uncovers the top ten resolutions for senior managers.

In priority order, the other nine are: be more organised; be more motivated; be more assertive; deal with conflict better; be more creative; be more inspirational to their team; praise their team more; improve their ability to influence others and have more productive meetings.

According to the survey, managers are more self-critical of their performance than non-managers. 92% of managers acknowledge that they need to improve in certain areas, compared with 78% of non-managers.

Managers typically want to improve in six areas whereas the average non-manager only wants to improve in four.

Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts, said:

“Senior managers are clearly feeling a pressure to perform, as managing their own stress level appears to be their overriding resolution for 2009. The survey suggests that they are aware of their own shortcomings.

“Inevitably in these times of job insecurity, they want to improve their personal performance but they also see value in getting the best out of their teams and in making their meetings more productive.”

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