Study reveals employee search for fulfilment not satisfied at work

More than half of British workers do not feel fulfilled in their jobs, a study of 1,000 employees has revealed.

The survey by volunteering organisation Global Vision International (GVI)  found that 53% of people feel unfulfilled in the workplace.

It also reveals the solution lies outside of the office with workers believing they can gain fulfilment by helping others.

When asked what would make people feel more fulfilled, 60% of respondents said they would like the opportunity to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. One fifth (21%) said that they would like to volunteer to help save the planet.

Money still ranks highly with 48% striving for fulfilment through material gain, but only 19% of those surveyed wanted more responsibility at work.

Alexis Bleasdale, marketing manager at GVI, said: “While it’s concerning that so many people feel unfulfilled in their jobs, it is incredibly heartening to see that as a nation we believe the solution lies in helping others or the environment, and not just in earning more money.”

Almost two thirds (62%) of people said that they would consider taking a sabbatical to support humanitarian or conservation projects.

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