Super union planned for finance workers

are afoot to create a new ‘super union’ for the private sector after finance
union Unifi recommended members to merge with Amicus, the UK’s largest union
for workers in manufacturing and technical and skilled personnel.

will begin consultation in April, and if the membership agrees the merger will
take place in July.

the merger does go ahead Unifi’s 150,000 members would combine with Amicus’s
50,000 insurance members to make finance the largest section within Amicus. The
finance section of Amicus will then be called Unifi.

said a big priority of the new union would be to target the 750,000 finance
workers who are still not members of any trade union.

Sweeney, Unifi general secretary said: "The potential for recruitment is
huge. Our aim is for every finance worker to belong to a trade union – a bigger
membership means a stronger influence."

By Michael Millar

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