Survey reveals most workers enjoy business travel despite spending more time away from home

Most workers enjoy business travelling despite spending more time away from home, new research has revealed.

A Barclaycard Business Travel Survey shows that one in seven employees spends between five and 10 nights away from home every month, but almost three-quarters of them are keen on the trip, combining work with pleasure.

Of the 72% that enjoy business travel:

  • more than 50% say it gives them an opportunity to see the world
  • 55% love the variety it offers
  • 51% like the fact that it allows them to experience new cultures
  • more than 30% say they have timed work trips to coincide with meeting a partner
  • 15% admitted to organising a business trip to see a particular destination
  • Only 12% of people said that they suffered from stress while travelling.

Denise Leleux, director of commercial cards at Barclaycard Business, said: “Travelling for business can be an exciting part of any job – it adds variety and offers opportunities to see new places and experience different working cultures.

“Sharing the travelling opportunities between employees and organising bookings, check-ins and accommodation in advance can help ensure that travel remains a perk, not a burden for employees,” she said.

But with nearly 45% of respondents travelling more than they were last year, Leleux urges business to think about the environmental consequences.

“Increased travel will undoubtedly have an impact on the environment and it is crucial that employers, business travellers and the industry as a whole work together to ensure this impact is managed and where possible minimised,” Leleux concluded.

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