Survey reveals there is more to life than exam results

With A-Level and GCSE results better than ever this year those who didn’t do as well as hoped can take comfort in the results of a recent survey from
Results revealed that 75% of people believe their academic results have had little or no impact on their career and only 10% responded that their academic results have got them where they are today.
For those who have recently received academic results from school or university Monster offers the following advice:
 –       Whatever your academic results achieving success in your career is also about choosing a career that matches your abilities.

Do as much research as possible in to jobs and the skills that are required, it is also worth talking to teachers, friends and family to identify your strengths and use this as a basis to choose a career that suits you.

 –       Do as much as you can outside school/university; work experience, summer employment and pursuing hobbies and extra curricular activities will all help you to develop a broad range of skills that will ensure you succeed in your chosen career

 –       On top of all of his you will also need determination and drive to make sure you rise to the top.

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