Take your eyes off your navel and get on with adding value

How refreshing it was to read Nicky Blatch’s remarks calling for HR to stop reinventing itself and, instead, have confidence in its role to add value (Top job, Personnel Today, 27 September).

Having been an HR practitioner since 1974, I have had to endure three decades of soul-searching in the professional journals concerning the role of HR, its need to become more strategic, and to attain board recognition.

Meanwhile, in the real world, all my fellow professionals don’t give tuppence for this sterile debate, but are rather more concerned with doing the best they can to ensure the success of their employer, or client.

If those who navel-gaze about HR’s role and recognition simply “got on with it”, as Blatch suggests, then the role would surely define itself and we would get the recognition we deserve.

Alun Jenkins
Head of HR and organisational development, Trust Thamesmead

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