Tesco to add 1,000 new specialist electrical sales jobs

Tesco is to become the UK’s third biggest electrical retailer next year, creating 1,000 new posts.

The new staff will almost double the size of the supermarket chain’s specialist sales force, reports the Guardian. They will be part of a customer services model based on that of US electricals chain Best Buy, due to launch in the UK this week.

Tesco said the new tech staff would wear a different uniform and be dedicated to customer service. While they will not earn commission, they will be specialists, and not expected to fill shelves.

Some of the new positions will be filled internally.

The absence of food price inflation, and a drop in spending ahead of the election, has left the larger UK supermarkets keen to concentrate on non-food sales.

Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy is today expected to report a significant slow down in domestic sales growth.

One Response to Tesco to add 1,000 new specialist electrical sales jobs

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    james mcinnes (manager) 5 Feb 2015 at 3:45 pm #

    sir terry leahy needs to have a sit down with experienced sales managers from independent electrical retailers and learn skills to turn tesco into the number one electrical retailer . without independent knowledge and experienced commissioned sales staff and inhouse repair centre with inhouse finance he is just dreaming.27 years experience i know 🙂 could i help him ?yes i could ! would he want help ? who knows its not rocket science to see where they are going wrong.