Testing People at Work: competencies in psychometric testing

Title: Testing People at Work: competencies in psychometric testing
Authors: Mike and Pam Smith
Publisher: BPS Blackwell
Pages: 382
Price: £29.99
ISBN: 1405108185


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If you need a complete guide to assessment, this is for you. It covers occupational tests and many other forms of assessment – including interviews, assessment centres and other less popular approaches – and discusses the validity and reliability of each. It also contains sections on job analysis and person specifications, personality and motivation theory and some not-really-necessary diversions into the physiology of nerves and anthropology.

It is designed to take you through the requirements of the British Psychological Society levels A and B, and it does this comprehensively. There is an extensive section (100 pages) on statistics, starting with the basics and moving through to some fairly complicated mathematical detail. Also included are some helpful tips on giving feedback to candidates, and guidance on how the results of personality tests can be interpreted.

This is a solid piece of work that covers all the basics of tests and beyond.

Useful? 5 stars
Well-written? 3 stars
Practical? 5 stars
Inspirational? 1 star
Value for money? 3 stars

By Ian Foster, strategic HR adviser, Hampshire County Council

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