T&G achieves recognition at EasyJet’s Luton call centre

The Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) has won a battle with budget airline EasyJet to become the recognised union at its Luton call centre.

John Street, T&G regional industrial organiser, said a long campaign, which was fiercely contested by the company, has now ended successfully.

“The T&G has a wealth of experience in the aviation industry in all sectors so we are naturally pleased our members at EasyJet’s call centre in Luton have voted for us to represent them in negotiations,” said Street.

The quest for formal recognition began nearly a year ago. Detailed representations were made to the government appointed body – the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) – which oversees and adjudicates where necessary on trade union recognition.

In June last year the CAC ruled that the application should proceed. It was late last week that a ballot among staff involved showed 144 had voted in favour of the T&G, with only 6 against.

The union now has the right to represent the employees in collective discussions and negotiations with EasyJet managers on pay as well as holidays and general terms and conditions of work.

Street said he hoped to meet with the company to discuss future relations very soon.

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