T&G union helps to drive national learning initiative at First bus company

Bus company First and the Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G), have signed a national agreement on life-long learning.

The deal aims to encourage and support a culture of learning and continued personal development throughout the company, which employs 26,000 people.

It focuses on the role that First and the T&G will play in working in partnership to promote training and learning activities, both inside and outside the company. About 40 life-long learning centres have been introduced in the past two years at First’s bus depots across the UK.

Jack Dromey, T&G deputy general secretary, said: “Our joint initiative has offered life chances to workers who thought such opportunities had passed them by. First has also benefited from the raising of the skill base and self confidence of a good workforce.”

Clare Hannah, learning and development director for First’s UK bus division, said: “This agreement lays down a firm foundation upon which further initiatives will be built.”

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