The Diversity Training Handbook

The Diversity Training Handbook

Authors: Phil Clements and John Jones

Price: £22.50

Publisher: Kogan Page

ISBN: 0 7494 4476 2


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This is the second edition of the popular handbook, which now includes information on implementing a race equality impact assessment.

It is full of advice, and there would be a case for buying the book based on every single chapter. ‘Diversity training in action’ justifies the cover price alone.

Much of its value is derived from how it guides the reader. There are plenty of evaluation models, and key learning points – set out clearly and backed up by an excellent glossary – make it easy to track your understanding.

There is another quality chapter on ‘Useful models for diversity training’, which includes classic keys to understanding, such as Allport’s scale of prejudice from 1954, as well as suggestions on updating a ‘swot’ analysis.

This book works as a practical tool and study guide for personal development. Every organisation should have one.

Useful? Five stars
Well-written? Four stars
Value for money? Five stars

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