The e-learning list adds new RFP publishing service for Training Buyers

The e-learning list, the leading marketplace for e-learning services and solutions has recently added a new service to its portfolio.

The service has been launched following a recent successful trial.

Training buyers wishing to procure an e-learning solution through a formal process such as a Request for Proposals (RFP) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) now have a new way to attract market leading e-learning companies to respond.

All they have to do is send their RFP to the e-learning list, define the maximum number of responses they want to receive, and set a deadline.

The site takes care of the rest. A summary of the RFP is published to nearly 200 leading e-learning service vendors, but the total number of actual responses is limited to the maximum set by the purchasing organisation.

The way the system works suppliers are motivated to only respond to what they can deliver, and the buyer gets a reasonable range of proposed solutions, without being inundated with too many responses to read.

And the service is completely free to the purchasing company.

Richard Beaumont of the e-learning list says:

“The is a great extension of our more informal connection service, and is all about providing a better level of service to both buyers and suppliers of e-learning services.

“In a market where there are so many supplier companies providing a very wide range of different services, and where buyer organisations don’t have the time to keep up with changes in both technology and services, the E-learning List is the ideal intermediary solution.

“This newest service was entirely developed as a result of demand from buyers and we are confident it will prove a great way for training buyers to get ever increasing value from e-learning suppliers – and that is more crucial than ever in the current economy.”


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