Video Arts distributes new programmes onhandling difficult people and situations

Video Arts has become the exclusive UK distributor for a series of four DVD-based learning programmes on managing difficult people and situations, created by the renowned Australian psychologist Eve Ash.

The four DVDs provide dramatised case studies to help leaders, managers and team members to overcome leadership blunders, personality clashes, client service disasters and bullying and harassment.

Eve Ash is a motivational psychologist and author who has produced over 500 training films. Distributed in 40 countries, her films have won 140 international awards for creativity and excellence.

“Eve is a leading Australian businesswoman with an international reputation in management and training,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “Her programmes provide learners with practical techniques and strategies for improving workplace performance. We’re delighted to be distributing these resources in the UK.”

Leadership Sins shows a leader who doesn’t listen, continually interrupts, fails to acknowledge good work, invades personal space, is inflexible and oblivious to body language and the impact of his behaviour. Featuring a commentary from Eve Ash, the programme shows the leader making changes following a feedback session. It highlights how leadership requires awareness, open communication and the ability to empower others.

Personality Clash shows two culturally-different people who have different work styles. Following an open discussion, they give each other feedback, discuss their differences and come to a resolution. The programme features 20 key learning points and highlights the importance of open communication, conflict resolution and good teamwork.

Damage Control highlights customer service, managing complaints and quality assurance. The programme shows how an account manager resolves a product delivery disaster and an angry client, through listening, exceptional service, communication, problem solving and leadership skills.

Bullying and Harassment features four dramatised case scenarios showing individuals in an office environment. The programme highlights what constitutes bullying and includes strategies for reporting and overcoming bullying and harassment.

Each programme includes a 15-minute DVD and a workbook with activities, exercises, quizzes and examples. The programmes are available individually for £399 or as a ‘Difficult People and Situations’ series for £1,299.



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