The people you work with are more important than the money

Is HR in the ‘misery guts’ pile? (Personnel Today, 17 April). I am extremely happy in my HR role – even though there are aspects of the job that are not very nice to do (as in all professions).

Money is not the main factor when measuring happiness at work. In my opinion, the company and the people you work with play a huge part.

In my company, there is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Most people refer to it as ‘being part of a large family’.

Silly little things mean so much to employees – like receiving a big Easter egg buying ice creams for everyone when it is hot fundraising events vouchers at Christmas a big ‘thank you’ when we meet targets or deadlines walking across the factory floor and everyone waving and smiling to you. I could go on forever.

All of these gestures are worth much more than a huge wage packet.

Gill Hale, HR officer, ERA Products

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