The Situational Mentor

The Situational Mentor
By David Clutterbuck and Gill Lane
Price: 55
Pages: 218
Publisher: Gower
ISBN: 0 566 08543 7


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This book brings together a collection of observations from all over the world, assessing the competencies and capabilities of an effective mentor or coach.

It is interesting to read all the different and various coaching and mentoring notes, to the point of trying suggested methods of approach.

It is difficult to describe exactly what should be expected of a mentor, and this book does go some way in trying to address this.

The book was easy to identify with and it kept my attention most of the time. It provided me with information and references, which are very useful as a resource.

I particularly enjoyed the concept of what can also go wrong in coaching and mentoring situations, so this would be an excellent resource for someone who is either researching or becoming a coach or mentor.

In my opinion, it is one of the most inspiring books I have read and I will refer this to all who are interested in its subject.

  • Useful? Four stars 
  • Well-written? Four stars
  • Practical? Four stars
  • Inspirational? Five stars
  • Value for money? Three starts
  • Overall?  Four stars

Reviewed by Nigel Bould, learning and development manager, Koito Europe

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