The Trafford Centre improves efficiencies with online recruitment functionality

Computers in Personnel (CIP) is working with The Trafford Centre to increase efficiency within its HR department with the introduction of online recruitment processes.

Already, nearly 50% of applications for positions at the shopping centre come via the website, freeing the HR department from many administrative tasks, reducing the volume of telephone calls it receives, and allowing it to focus on more value-added work.
Using Ciphr Recruitment Online, The Trafford Centre is able to provide a tailored response to all applications received via the website.

Job applicants can now enter data online into a standard application form, which ensures that there is a level of consistency in the information supplied.
Amanda Wilson, human resources manager at The Trafford Centre, said:

“The online recruitment system is easy to manage, enabling us to post vacancies as they arise and that helps us keep it up to date. We can now respond more quickly to applicants and we have confidence that only current vacancies are being dealt with at any one time.

“The system also provides a quick and easy process for many applicants and an immediate acknowledgement – as opposed to completing an application form by hand and posting it.”
She added that the online system integrates with its existing recruitment management system which allows The Trafford Centre to track applicants who may not be suitable for an existing position, but could fill a future vacancy – part of a more strategic approach to recruitment known as Candidate Relationship Management.

“We can flag any applicant that may be of particular interest for a future opportunity and potentially save on re-advertising a position at a later date. We are also able to respond to all interested applicants because they are automatically saved into a recruitment database – this was previously a job that required manual input.

“In fact, we have seen a reduction in advertising and administrative costs already, alongside improvements in process efficiency, as a direct result of the Ciphr Recruitment Online implementation.” 
Christopher Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel, highlighted how online recruitment can save significant amounts of time and give organisations a competitive edge when dealing with large numbers of applicants.

“It is more efficient to handle initial applications online, and doing so means that the right candidates can be identified quickly to fill vacancies. That may make the difference between hiring a top quality candidate and missing out to a competitor. This is a great time and money saver for organisations of any size.”  

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