ThirdForce puts the creative power of e-learning at your fingertips

ThirdForce, the UK’s leading e-learning provider today announces the launch of its ground breaking self-authoring e-learning solution. ThirdForce’s new AIMS Content Manager, in response to its clients’ needs, comprising AIMS Publisher and AIMS Assessment, empowers organisations to create and assess in-house developed online courses. Furthermore, companies can track and report on learner progress through AIMS, the existing ThirdForce learner management system (LMS).

AIMS Publisher will revolutionise any learning and development strategy by allowing companies to deploy the content that they wish their learners to study, at the click of a button. Organisations can use existing in-house digital training material or specific courses can be created using existing applications.. Integrating seamlessly with AIMS Assessment, managers can effortlessly assess the knowledge retention, key competencies and compliancy understanding of all employees.

Self-authored employee surveys can also be generated in order for companies to assess the roll out and success of a training programme. Managers can gain an insight into the opinions of their employees on issues affecting the business. This is a crucial component of a learning and development strategy; communication must be a two-way process to cater for a workforce’s every personal and professional development need.

Lorna Tyrtania, senior product manager of ThirdForce commented: “A workforce truly is a company’s strongest asset and through AIMS Publisher, existing knowledge and skills within an organisation can be shared with every employee. AIMS Content Manager gives companies the ability to quickly, create, update and assess business critical learning and development without the need for investment in bespoke e-learning solutions.”



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