Thomson faces tribunal threat over tea-break right

Travel agency Thomson could be taken to an employment tribunal by Glasgow call-centre staff over the right to an afternoon tea break.

Despite the company reinstating the paid 15-minute break during the quieter periods of the year, staff are now preparing to take their fight to an independent employment tribunal.

Thomson originally scrapped breaks in July. However, the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) is confident of a tribunal win, arguing the break is an implied contractual right as it is in the staff handbook and was rostered into technology systems.

TSSA negotiations officer Jerry Wines met union lawyers yesterday. He said: “Staff are more angry now than when the break was taken away due to the way the company has responded. The company has moved, but not far enough.”

Thomson HR director Dominic Mahony dismissed the argument and said the company is “confident with its position”. He said: “The staff handbook states breaks are non-contractual benefits, and they may be subject to change. However, staff are allowed to get a drink at any point.”



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