TMA World launches ‘World e-Class’ blended learning solutions

TMA World, a leader in blended global training and talent development, has announced the launch of its ‘World e-Class’ blended learning solutions.

The company has developed this innovative approach to learning to provide companies with a flexible blend of virtual classrooms, webcasts, toolkits and e-coaching to enable world class learning, while minimizing associated training costs such as travel, accommodation and time out of the office.

“While the economic outlook is bleak in many markets, the most forward-looking organizations realize that investing in their people during the downturn will reap rewards as we come through the cycle.” commented Christopher Crosby, CEO of TMA World.  “At TMA World our response has been to develop the World e-Class portfolio, to ensure we give clients leading edge global management training – virtually – with reduced cost compared with face-to-face workshops.”

The World e-Class solutions are available either as stand alone virtual training or blended with traditional classroom models. Solutions include virtual workshops, webcasts, online toolkits and coaching. The curriculum is based on TMA World’s award-winning learning content and can be customized to meet specific learning goals.

“The fast pace of technological advances, in particular with regards to wider employee access to efficient technology and broadband internet, means we can offer global companies virtual solutions no matter where their operations are. This opens up exciting new options for delivering training in a more flexible and cost-effective way.  Effectively, the final virtual frontier is open,” added Crosby.

TMA World helps companies to develop leaders at all levels of the global business to lead growth; to empower global teams and encourage deep collaboration; and to enable individuals to build the full range of business and cross-cultural skills required to succeed in the global business environment.


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