TMP launches guide to reducing risk in recruitment

Companies which rely on finding out just how good their new recruits are once they are in the job could be putting their finances and reputation at risk, according to recruitment communications and candidate assessment experts, TMP Worldwide.

In its latest White Paper ‘The Right Fit: Reducing the Risk of Recruitment’, TMP provides organisations with a guide to measuring the value of potential employees before they are in position.

TMP Worldwide, Chief Executive, Andrew Wilkinson who launched the White paper at the HR Business Directors Summit held at the ICC in Birmingham on the 21st and 22nd January, says finding the ‘right fit’ means being clear about which behaviours lead to effective performance for your organisation. 

These need to be measured against the specific requirements of the job i.e. job competencies and should be linked to how organisations attract candidates via their employer brand.

“Now, more than ever, expensive mistakes in recruiting the wrong people cannot afford to be made. Companies need to make sure they are attracting and retaining people who will add maximum value rather than just fill vacancies,” said Wilkinson.

He suggests that the following four step approach will eradicate risky recruitment based on gut instinct.

1.      Understand the behaviours that lead to better performance which should be documented in an organisational competency model

2.      Attract the right people through defining and communicating an honest and compelling employer brand

3.      Create a ‘fit for purpose’ recruitment process

4.      Engage with candidates in their journey to becoming employees through a seamless on boarding programme.

The White Paper takes business leader and recruiters through defining, creating and communicating an organisational competency model.

According to TMP’s Wilkinson, Employer Brand is also key in establishing the differentiator that makes a company stand out from it competitors.

“Having an effectively managed employer brand can improve engagement levels by up to 30% and increase the size of the labour pool by around 50%,” he said.

When it comes to finding the ‘right fit’ Wilkinson recommends that companies start by identifying the behaviours and characteristics of high performing individuals to understand ‘what great looks like’.

Once this is in place recruiters can use a number of tools from competency-based interviews, competency-sifting questionnaires and tailored assessment centre exercises to detect a candidate’s suitability for a role, says Wilkinson.

Through the AMEC Nuclear case study within the White Paper, recruiters can see how TMP helped the company to create a competency framework which its HR and Capability Director says will differentiate AMEC Nuclear and drive the business forward.

“Organisations will see immediate value and reduced recruitment risk from our ‘right fit’ approach which will identify the right people with the right behaviours for the company’s culture and vision,” concluded Wilkinson.

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