TNT Post launches wireless carbon calculator to help staff go green

TNT Post is encouraging its employees to go green by launching the UK’s first WAP-enabled [wireless] mobile phone carbon calculator.

The tool allows workers to calculate and measure carbon emissions, access ‘green’ tips and offset their carbon footprint.

The postal company wanted to develop a product that could be used anytime, anywhere, to help encourage employees to take action at home and in their personal lives,

Staff who wish to offset their carbon emissions can do so by making tax-free donations to woodland conservation charity Woodland Trust. One tree is planted per £5 donated, with five trees required to offset one carbon tonne.

TNT plans to launch the mobile carbon calculator to the public later this year.

Simon Dolph, head of corporate social responsibility at TNT Post, said: “Employees’ personal carbon footprints double TNT Post’s carbon emissions and we want to help our staff to take environmental responsibility outside of work too. If we can reduce employee carbon emissions by just 2%, the impact on the environment would be very real.”

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