Tomorrow’s managers put job satisfaction ahead of money

Tomorrow’s managers expect employers to entice them with
better working conditions and more excitement rather than more money, a
European report reveals.

The results of a Norwegian-based survey indicate that those
heading for managerial positions are now looking for more than just the
traditional package of high earnings and job security.

Graduates now cite their priorities as being jobs that
provide interesting and challenging work and a strong social environment in the

Financial rewards come only seventh out of the employment
incentives highlighted in the survey.

The report’s authors, professors Paul Gooderham and Odd
Nordhaug, interviewed almost 1,500 students at 11 of the 17 top European universities
and business schools.

The study shows that students believe the public sector holds
few of the key incentives and workplace perks that they want, with 95 percent
of respondents saying they are looking for a position in the private sector.

However, many students feel that a large number of private
companies are still relying too heavily on financial incentives and need to
focus more on improving their work culture to attract the top graduates.

By Robert De La Poer


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