Train driver is still dream job for the boys

Despite decades of technological advances and the inexorable rise of the motor car, being a train driver is still the most popular dream job for young boys, according to an online survey.

Becoming a footballer and policeman came second and third, but 10th on the list of dream ‘professions’ for boys was simply to be rich.

The top three careers for young girls were nursing, teaching or becoming a vet.

More than 3,500 adults were asked what they had wanted to be when they grew up in the survey for recruitment website

However, the survey also found that few youngsters actually get to pursue their childhood dreams when they get older, with most taking jobs in the administrative and support sectors.

Top 10 Jobs for the boys

  1. Train driver

  2. Footballer

  3. Policeman

  4. Doctor

  5. Firefighter

  6. Scientist

  7. Soldier

  8. Astronaut

  9. Vet

  10. Rich

Top 10 jobs for the girls

  1. Nurse

  2. Teacher

  3. Vet

  4. Air stewardess

  5. Actress

  6. Policewoman

  7. Doctor

  8. Author

  9. Hairdresser

  10. Ballerina

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