Training news

MBAs ‘too masculine’

MBA courses are too masculine, with a focus on skills and attributes which may be out of touch with the demands of the modern workplace, Brunel University has warned. The university’s business school said the MBA must be feminised by incorporating softer skills and promoting an awareness of the masculine values embedded in management practices and processes. Brunel University argues that ‘harder’ analytical skills are prioritised to the detriment of ‘softer’ skills related to personal and interpersonal development.

Tackling Skills kicks off

Sports minister Richard Caborn will tomorrow officially launch the ‘Tackling Skills’ programme, which aims to help young people develop their literacy and communication skills by using sport to inspire, motivate and re-engage them. A partnership between BBC Sport, the Football Foundation and the Foyer Foundation community development organisation, the programme will give participants training in the basic skills needed to become a working journalist.

Online MRSA training

More than 300 NHS trusts in England have now signed up to the Training Foundation’s MRSA online training portal, designed to help staff combat the rise of the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) superbug. A report from the Office for National Statistics revealing that MRSA-related deaths continued to increase in 2003 in England and Wales, and have doubled in four years.

Anti-bullying workshops

Roffey Park, the training and research organisation, is holding a workshop for HR practitioners and managers on dealing with workplace bullying. Its own research recently revealed that workplace bullying is on the increase, with 27% of UK managers claiming to have been victims. ‘Bullying at Work: Identification, Prevention and Cure’ will highlight what constitutes bullying and how to deal with it.

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