Transsexual truck driver tells employment tribunal she was ridiculed and forced out of her job

A transsexual truck driver was ridiculed and forced out of her job when she started dressing as a woman, an employment tribunal heard.

Vikki-Marie Gaynor, who was born a man and formally called Mike, claimed bosses at delivery firm Exel Europe unfairly reduced her shifts and colleagues taunted her when she started wearing make-up and women’s clothes and jewellery to work.

Gaynor decided to start living as a woman full-time in February 2007. She said she hoped to undergo a full sex change operation on the NHS.

Gaynor told the tribunal: “I was very apprehensive about what people would think and my fears were realised when a fellow driver started muttering ‘queer’ and covered his backside with his hands.”

She also claims that the Blue Arrow recruitment agency, through which she worked at Exel Europe, failed to act on her complaints.

Gaynor is claiming sexual discrimination from Exel Europe and Blue Arrow, which both deny.

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