Try to hang on to your immigrant workforce

Immigration. There, I said it.

If ever there was a word that turned right-thinking people into raving loons, that’s it. In fact if you’ve read the Daily Mail, you’re probably wondering how you are still in a job as they bulldoze through our companies, taking all the jobs that stand in their way.

Of course this is nonsense.

Now I’m not going to take a political stance on this as I consider myself something of an institution and must thus remain apolitical.

But I do want to offer HR some reassurance because I think we are the profession least likely to be affected by immigration.

Despite rising violent crime, the UK remains in its heart-of-hearts a genteel nation. Even the teenager who nicks your mobile is quietly wondering to himself whether he should give you an upgrade.

And this is what HR stands for – good old-fashioned fair play.

No other nation understands that as well as the Brits – and that means UK nationals are inherently good at HR. There is no culture in the world better prepared.

The Americans? No way – they have the least protection for employees in the Western world. The Europeans? Nope. The fact that they offer so much restrictive employment law just shows how ready they are to abuse the system. Africa? No comment.

So rest easy and don’t stress yourself out. We don’t want you to end up in a hospital ‘cos all the good will in the world won’t clean a ward…

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