TSF takes solutions focused approach to improve services for children

The Solutions Focus, a leading provider of solutions-focused development, has won a contract to provide ‘solutions-focused’ training to help around 900 staff at Reading Borough Council.

TSF will introduce the principles of solutions-focused thinking to primary, secondary and special school staff and to teams of professionals including educational psychologists, educational welfare officers, family workers, health visitors and speech & language therapists. 

“The solutions-focused approach is an empowering step-by-step methodology which overcomes the mentality of looking at what’s gone wrong in any particular area and instead motivates people to do more of what has worked well,” said Nerin Swanton, Project Manager at Reading Borough Council. 

“We want to adopt and embed this as a framework that underpins all of our work with children and young people.  Working in a more positive, solutions-focused way will improve links between services, reduce duplication, make access to services easier and it will further improve relationships between schools, partners, young people and families.”

The council chose TSF after a number of solutions-focused providers presented a sample session, following a competitive tender.

“TSF are recognised experts in solutions-focused thinking,” said Nerin Swanton.  “They proposed a rolling programme that builds momentum and they made use of the considerable expertise we already have in the solutions-focused approach.”

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