UK fails to meet the grade in Europe

students are missing out on top jobs in Europe because they lack the skills or
the right attitude, a new study claims.

survey of 5,000 students across Europe shows that British students were less
likely than most to speak a foreign language, and were more likely to say they
would not want to leave their friends to work abroad.

36 per cent of British students believe they have what it takes to succeed
abroad, compared to 63 per cent Europe-wide.

study, by education and recruitment group Hobsons, reveals almost half of
British students speak no second language. In Germany, Italy and Spain, about
nine out of 10 students said they speak English as a second language.

Letcher, managing director of Hobsons, said: "Our research shows that UK
students do not view the European job market as a serious career option. This
is worrying in the light of the fact that increasingly companies and
universities are looking to recruit students across borders in Europe."

survey covered 5,000 students aged between 19 and 29 in 28 different countries.

By Quentin Reade

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