UK lags behind on internet and e-mail privacy codes

A report has called for clear regulation at European level on privacy at

The European Industrial Relations Observatory’s (EIRO) report is critical of
the UK approach to regulating monitoring at work.

It finds the combination of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Information
Commissioner’s code of practice on monitoring is confusing, and insufficiently
addresses business concerns.

In particular, it highlights concerns over ambiguity over employers’ rights
in the UK in accessing staff e-mail and internet monitoring.

In contrast, the study hails Belgium, Denmark and Germany as countries that
have approved national legislation or legally binding nationwide collective
agreements "that specifically deal with employee e-mail and internet use
and its monitoring".

The report, which assessed the differences in existing European and national
law on workplace computer privacy, finds that that there is a need for
"clear regulation at European level".

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