UK workers most likely Europeans to look for a new job

UK employees are among the most likely in Europe to actively consider leaving their job in the next 12 months, according to research.

A survey of nearly 600 employers and more than 8,500 employees from 10 European countries, by consultancy Watson Wyatt, reveals that 40% of UK workers would consider leaving their employer in the next 12 months – 5% more than the European average.

German and Swiss employees were the least likely to consider a change of employer; Swedes and Spaniards the most likely, the European Total Reward Survey 2005 reveals.

“The variation between different countries is partly due to cultural differences, but undoubtedly the economic landscape within each territory is crucial,” said Carole Hathaway, senior consultant at Watson Wyatt.

“The reasons why people think about leaving an organisation differ greatly from the reasons they give when they actually leave. Our survey also shows the disparity between employer and employee reporting on departure, which sends out a warning to employers about the clarity and effectiveness of their reward and retention strategies.”

The survey found that across Europe the main reasons given for intending to find a new job were:

  • Poor job satisfaction – by 77% of employees

  • Poor relationship with their manager – by 64% of employees

  • Poor job security – by 61% of employees

  • Below average base pay – by 53% of employees

  • Poor training and development – by 52% of employees.

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