Union wins pay rise for Royal Mail HR staff

HR staff at the Royal Mail will receive significant pay increases after an agreement was reached with management following months of negotiations, the Commmunication Workers Union (CWU) has revealed.

CWU members in Royal Mail’s People & Organisational Development Services (P&ODS) will receive either a 3% or £550 rise, whichever is the greater, and the lowest paid workers will receive additional increases amounting to as much as 7.7%

Andy Furey, CWU assistant secretary, said: “Negotiations were difficult this year and we would obviously have preferred to reach an agreement sooner.

“However, the earlier pay offers from management were simply not acceptable to the union and it was only right and proper we continued to press for the best possible settlement.”

Staff will also be able to progress further through the pay points by obtaining NVQs, under the Royal Mail’s New Employment Framework

“This system allows our members to gain externally-recognised qualifications and substantially increase their basic pay,” said Furey.

“It is anticipated that more than 80% of employees will pass NVQ3 in the next year, which will then move them on to a salary of £19,550.”

P&ODS has also met its customer perception targets between April and June this year, which means a £250 bonus will be paid out in the July salaries, the CWU said.

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