Use of internet for recruitment triples

times more companies are using e-recruitment than three years ago.

Recruitment Confidence Index shows more than half of all organisations are
using online recruitment – up from 17 per cent in 1999.

by Cranfield School of Management and the Daily Telegraph, the index predicts
more use of e-recruiting.

a time when budgets are being slashed across the board for advertising and
recruitment, people are naturally turning to the internet,” said to Nick Hill,
recruitment sales manager at the Daily Telegraph.

believes recruiters will also become more skilful at using the new technology
to fulfil their requirements.

index also shows that companies are more likely to use their own corporate
sites for recruiting, up from 13 per cent in 1999 to 43 per cent.

number using commercial job sites has fallen from 40 to 25 per cent.

why they had stopped using the commercial sites, nearly three in four blamed
low response rates.

Avdiyovski, divisional director at recruitment consultancy Ellis Fairbank, said
the internet had not changed the industry as much as was predicted five years

personal touch is still important and so too are the relationships between
corporate recruiters, consultants and advertisers,” he said.

will grow and continue to change, but, from my perspective as a businessman,
I’m looking at how I can find the right candidates and that could mean using
other websites, magazines or newspapers.”

a growing minority of recruiters, including consultancy KPMG and Asda, now only
accept applications via the web.

By Quentin Reade

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