VaLUENTiS announces launch of I-solutions

VaLUENTiS today announces the launch of its I-solutions services to organisations.

I-solutions provides organisations with insourced and outsourced solutions on organisation intelligence:

• Human Capital Management evaluation

• Employee Engagement

• Workforce Productivity & Performance

• Predictive analytics

• HC Forensics & risk

• Data/evidence collation

• HR Function ROI analysis

• Organisation measurement

• Management Education

• Strategy

VaLUENTiS’ Chief Executive, Nicholas J Higgins, commented:

“We recognise that many organisations have limited capability or resource to embed these critical areas of organisation intelligence related to people and people management. Too often, initiatives undertaken in these areas end up as expensive one-off contracts that are of limited value and unconnected.

Our work in these fields now means that we are able to package our expertise and assist organisations in joining the dots. For example, Human Capital Management evaluation and employee engagement require constant delivery and monitoring rather like payroll. Yet organisations spend far more resource and money on payroll which is a basic transaction.

Organisation intelligence can improve organisation performance whether through enhancing existing productivity or through reducing operational costs or risk. In tough times, it can ensure organisation survival.

We can supply the very basic to the quite sophisticated dependent upon organisational context – everybody is on the HCM curve somewhere.”

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