Valuentis announces PrimeGov benchmarking and evaluation service

VaLUENTiS today announces the release of its PrimeGov benchmarking and evaluation service. Through its comprehensive VB-HR database, councils can procure four different tiers of performance knowledge and peer review.

Level 1 provides baseline metrics for use in scorecard solutions; Level 2 further includes employee engagement benchmarking (as well as survey provision) and advanced scorecard reporting, Level 3 – provides 360° people management evaluation expanding on Levels 1 and 2; and Level 4 is focused on broader organisation performance from a human capital perspective and includes services such as performance trend analysis as derived from the ‘Best Performing Councils’ Index, modelling analytics, for example, around productivity, and performance indicators which can include customer/citizen data.

Advisory services, particularly around change/transformation, the HR function and operating culture are also part of the package as options.

Councils in the VB-HR Rating consortium are already provided with data up to level 3. 2008 will see an upgraded version to include level 4. This is an exciting development for all councils as they will be able to source their needs on people management knowledge and save on costs in a real ‘value for money’ proposition.

VaLUENTiS’ Chief Executive, Nicholas J Higgins, commented, “We are once again raising the bar to supply councils with what they need. We have branded this suite of services due to the fact that we were concerned a number of councils experience VaLUENTiS in different ways and may be unaware of the all-round package that we offer which can really benefit them. ’Value for money’ is what we are about, as our name suggests, and we would like to think that councils are aware of what they can get under ‘PrimeGov’. We can supply the very basic to the quite sophisticated dependent upon council context – everybody is on the curve somewhere.”

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