VaLUENTiS launches Management Pathfinder

VaLUENTiS has announced the launch of its Management Pathfinder® solution for organisations combating the challenges of the current economic climate.

Based on the successful HCM EvaluatorTM, the Management Pathfinder® is a change-driven process to assist organisations in optimising effective management of people assets and operational strategy. As such, it provides a portfolio of tools and interventions to assist organisations, both public and private sector, in ensuring their resilience. Management Pathfinder® is an executive toolkit that evaluates and implements value-based change in an integrated approach that focuses on:  

  • Human Capital Management evaluation

  • Employee engagement

  • Talent management

  • Workforce productivity & performance

  • HR function ROI analysis

  • Management education

VaLUENTiS’ Chief Executive, Nicholas J Higgins, commented, “We recognise that many organisations will be grappling with the current economic climate in different ways. At the heart of most strategies will still be people, their management and their output.

Effective management, at all levels, is at a premium. Ensuring consistent employee engagement, optimising productivity, and the correct deployment of talent along with value-enhancing HR spend are crucial factors of organisation resilience and success. 

Our work with clients and knowledge in these areas now means that we are able to package our expertise and assist organisations in their respective journeys.

For organisations, the old adage that there are those who ‘make it happen’, those that ‘let it happen’ and those that ‘wonder what happened’ is very resonant today.”

For further information call our Management Pathfinder team on 020 7887 6108 or e-mail

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